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〒649-2211 627 Seto,Sirahama-cho,Nishimuro-gun,Wakayama,Japan.

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Located south, just off the Rinkai inlet is a small islet 130 meters in length from north to south, 35 meters in width and 25 meters in height. The island's offical name is Takashima. Because of erosion,the center of island has an opening that resembles the full moon. Today, because of this resemblance, people refer to the islet as the Engetsuto (Full Moon Island). During the summer and winter sunsets, the silhouette of the Engetsuto is an example of nature's wonder and beauty.


The boats depart from the shore at Rinkai. The tour lasts about 25 minutes. The boat's glass bottom allow you to witness the many mysteries of the deep. There is a "Ama"(women diver) performance by "Ama"(women diver) as well.


Shirarahama Beach is located in Kanayama Bay. This beach extends some 640 meters along the shallow waters of the bay. Consisting of 90 percent quartz, the sand is, as the name "Shirarahama" suggests,pure white. During the summer the beach is lined with palm trees. This gives the beach the atmosphere of a tropical resort.